I created this page to answer a few questions that people who are unfamiliar with my site might have.

Most of the images you find here have not been heavily processed. While I can do that, I prefer to stick to more traditional photography techniques. That being said, many of the images are processed in small ways, removing a spec of dust on the lens, exposure adjustments, white balance and so on. For the most part, the changes are what one could do in a dark room with film, I just use a PC and pixels.

You can get my work in many different ways,... physical prints, digital downloads, books,.. even stamps. Go figure, wonders of the modern world. If you don't see a format that you're interested in let me know, we'll talk.

While I am not generally for hire, I do enjoy interesting and challenging work. If you have an idea, let me know and maybe we can make it happen.

Depending on your access permissions you may see a link to "download -> all originals". This will give you a single zip file of all the photos in a gallery at their original resolution. The size of this zip file can be quite large depending on how many photos there are and which camera I shot them with. Alternatively (again depending on your access rights) you may see links for downloading individual photos from a gallery at smaller sizes.

In general, you will find that the photos you see on the parts of my site that are unrestricted can be downloaded. Most of the time they are limited in resolution (size) to about 1100 x 850. While you are free to download these they are governed by a "Royalty-free personal use" license. The details of this license are in the menu structure at Main->Help->License for Personal Use. If you do use my photographs under this license, please consider dropping me an email to let me know. This limited file size is most useful for previewing images but will not make very good prints or electronic displays. If you are interested in larger (up to original resolution) photographs, please consider purchasing them through the checkout system.

If you are interested in numerous images, contact me for discounts.